Moving Sign: Blue

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85.001,171.00 (-25%)

16x 32cm16x128cm16x 96cm16x 64cm16x160cm16x192cm32x192cm32x 64cm32x 96cm32x128cm32x160cm48x 64cm48x 96cm48x128cm48x160cm48x192cm64x 64cm64x 96cm64x128cm64x160cm64x192cm80x 64cm80x 96cm80x128cm80x160cm80x192cm96x 96cm96x128cm96x160cm96x192cm


Blue Scrolling Text Led Display

You can find examples of this product, which is called P10 RGB Scrolling Text Led Display Panel, which can be created in Green, Red, Yellow, Blue and White colors on our site.

P10 Scrolling Text Led Display panel is 16 x 32 cm in size and also contains 512 LEDs.

These products, especially used in outdoor advertising, attract attention both day and night.

P10 RGB Scrolling Text Led Display has the feature of being easily programmed using a computer.

It can also be used with a battery connection. In other words, it is suitable not only for indoor but also for mobile use.

Apart from the use of text; logos, animations and graphic products can also be displayed on Led Screen Panels.

The text on the screen can be shown on 2, 3 or 4 lines.

It does not have to be a specific size. They can be prepared in any size and shape you want.

Color blue
Pixel / Resolution 10mm
Panel size 160mm x 320mm
Current 4A
Voltage / voltage 5V
Power 20W
Scanning ¼ scan
Luminous flux 2500 mcd
Led angle vertical 60 – horizontal 110
Wavelength 467-470 nm
Outdoor use appropriate
Viewing distance 5-100m
Working ambient temperature -20 / 80
Protection IP65



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16x 32cm, 16x128cm, 16x 96cm, 16x 64cm, 16x160cm, 16x192cm, 32x192cm, 32x 64cm, 32x 96cm, 32x128cm, 32x160cm, 48x 64cm, 48x 96cm, 48x128cm, 48x160cm, 48x192cm, 64x 64cm, 64x 96cm, 64x128cm, 64x160cm, 64x192cm, 80x 64cm, 80x 96cm, 80x128cm, 80x160cm, 80x192cm, 96x 96cm, 96x128cm, 96x160cm, 96x192cm

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Moving Sign: Blue

85.001,171.00 (-25%)

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