Led screen rental services

Check out our range of rental led screens that we offer you as Ledabel. Rent a high quality LED screen for your company or association.

Are you looking for a moving Posterled? Or are you looking for a fixed LED screen? You can choose from our products below in the size and visual quality you want.

  • Our LED screens are of high quality. It provides an unforgettable experience for you and your audience.
  • All of our LED display products are WIFI enabled and can display photos and images with the help of phone and computer can be installed.
  • Rental and purchase fees will be requested upon delivery of the device.
  • For your adverts, promotions or advertisements
  • Different sizes and pixel types
  • Fast delivery



Launching a new product
Make promotional stunt stand out
Push sales


Informing customers
Showing the programme of the day
Inform visitors to the event quickly


Streaming an event, football or cycling race
Reach large audiences in 1 place
Show company video in the open air


1- Request

Simply send us a rental request via our website. Let us know what type of LED screen you wish to rent, for what period and for what purpose you need the screen.
Our team will then prepare a suitable quote for you and provide you with professional advice to ensure you make the best choice.

2- Delivery or pickup

When we come to an agreement, we will prepare your LED screen for delivery or collection.

3- Getting ready for use

We make sure your desired information, advertising or live images are displayed on the screen .
You easily customise the images yourself to make sure your message is always up-to-date.

P2,5 indoor posterled: 192×64

Size (cm) 1 Day (Excl. VAT) 3 Days (Excl. VAT) 7 Days (Excl. VAT)
192×64 150€ 400€ 650€

P2,5 indoor posterled: 192×128

Size (cm) 1 Day (Excl. VAT) 3 Days (Excl. VAT) 7 Days (Excl. VAT)
192×128 250€ 650€ 1250€

 P2,5 Indoor Ledscreen

 Size (cm) 1 Day (Excl. VAT) 3 Days (Excl. VAT) 7 Days (Excl. VAT)
192×192 300€  800€ 1400€ 
192×256 400€  1000€ 1500€ 
256×256 500€ 1250€ 1750€

P3,91 Indoor-Outdoor Rental Screen

 Size (m²) 1 Day (Excl. VAT) 3 Days (Excl. VAT) 7 Days (Excl. VAT)
2×3=6m² 825€ 1150€ 1450€ 
2×4=8m² 1000€  1250€ 1700€ 
3×4=12m² 1150€ 1450€ 2250€
3×5=15m² 1350€ 1650€ 2350€
3×6=18m² 1800€ 3000€ 4000€

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